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The Brothers

During the last ten years or so there has been a revival of interest in Antheil’s music. While Antheil is best known for his modernist compositions from the 1920’s, his later work is arguably some of the finest in the canon of twentieth century American music. I would rate his symphonies, particularly the 4th and 6th, as among the best we have (alongside Harris’ 3rd and Beach’s “Gaelic Symphony,”). This new recording of the short opera “Brothers” is a landmark event in the Antheil revival. It is beautifully performed and recorded. It would be great to have fresh recordings of his other operas from the 1950’s and one can only hope that we will have these in the near future. Antheil was a gifted pianist and composer who generously acknowledged those peers who influenced his work. His body of work is rich and varied, and wholely his own.




E’ strano… sempre libera live 2016


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